Based on feedback from our clients, we’ve created our industry’s first 6-week self-paced program that provides six curriculums, each with four 40-minute classes. These industry-specific classes are designed to help your employees develop and strengthen the soft skills they need to meet the changing business challenges each day brings. And now is the perfect time to focus on this kind of professional development.

Pivot’s newly designed virtual training platform will have your staff engaged in daily learning initiatives, using a variety of teaching methods to engage with all types of learners. Best of all, managers and supervisors can track and see the progress of their staff.

This 6-week program focuses on customer service and sales skills designed for today’s unique challenges and is perfect for customer service, internet tech support and sales teams. Learn what three supervisors had to say about their teams' experiences.

The 6 topics are:

  • Strengthening your active listening skills
  • Using empathy to deepen your connection with customers
  • Understanding changing consumer expectations in uncertain times
  • Dealing with difficult customers
  • Selling without sounding like it
  • Retaining customers on upgraded packages after the immediate need passes


  • $399 per student if you are a Pivot client*
  • $499 per student if you are not yet a Pivot client
  • A 10% discount will be applied when you register 30 or more learners

*within the last two years